Dissent Lab

Dissent Lab is a space to investigate the infrastructures of dissent.

Infrastructures of dissent are both visible and subterranean. They are material and sensory.

If the possibility for dissent defines democracy, what kinds of infrastructure support dissent? Who–what kinds of bodies, what kinds of collectivities–foment dissent?

Our Projects

Sensing Dissent is a book project by Sareeta Amrute. The project extends Jacques Ranciere’s writing on dissensus by arguing that Ranciere fails to investigate the embodied experience of being outside the status quo held by communities of color and others in the production of dissent. The project advances an alternate term–the sensate–to describe the perception required to sustain dissent.

Computing from/in the South is Special Section of the journal Catalyst: Theory, Feminism, Technoscience edited by Sareeta Amrute and Luis-Felipe Murillo. This launch of this special section was done in collaboration with Rede Mocambos, a community-connected network developed through collaboration among quilombos in Brazil.

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